The “Jellybean Conspiracy Show” is a two act play performed by a cast of actors with and without disabilities. Act I is an anthology of short dramatic pieces offering
thoughtful perspectives on the lives of people with disabilities. Act 2 is a
one act play with music, telling the story of a young person with Down Syndrome
and her changing relationship with her younger sister.

“No Such Thing As Normal” is the Jellybean Conspiracy’s most recent project. It’s a musical about autism for elementary age children. This initiative promotes autism awareness, tolerance, thoughtful inclusion and teaches students simple ways they can help classmates living with autism.

No Such Thing As Normal

“I had the most wonderful time working on the program. I loved how good it felt when I helped my partner “James”. I never felt left out or disappointed or even embarrassed. I just loved the feeling of being able to help the  kids with special needs. I would just love to do it all over again! How could kids possibly not feel great after they see this performance!” Kyle Marie Drake