Voices from the Heart (Act I) is a rich and lively anthology of poems, songs, dances and stories about people who have developmental disabilities from the perspectives of the individuals, family members and the greater community. These pieces are presented in readers’ theatre format and incorporate original works from student performers in that local community. The Director has creative freedom to incorporate the students’ own artistic work or select from scripted pieces. The roles are based on the pieces chosen from the script or created by the students themselves. Download “Voices from the Heart”.
Dance with Me (Act II) by Linda Daugherty, is about the seesaw relationship of Tom, who has Down Syndrome, and his younger sister, Cricket. With his love of life and his passion for dancing, Tom sometimes brings unwelcome turmoil into Cricket’s life. In the end however, she learns to see him with different eyes and to offer him a deeper kind of love. The role of Tom (or Tam) is usually played by a young man or woman with Down Syndrome or similar disability. The royalty fee for this short play is $25 per show and a performance contract can be obtained by e-mailing Linda Daugherty directly at lmdaugherty@earthlink.net. Download a perusal copy of “Dance with Me” .

“Jellybean has been an exciting project for our whole community– big audiences, coverage in our major paper and local television station, and opportunities for me to speak about the play to people at “special needs” functions. I highly recommend this Show to other directors. ” Todd A., Jenison High School, MI

“ The Jellybean Conspiracy has been one of the most important projects of my life. This was so different from just doing another play. ” Jill J., Richmond High School, MO

“ Jellybean Conspiracy is not just a show, it is an event! It was a touching and wonderful blend of story, poetry and magic that not only entertained, it educated as well. Everyone involved, cast as well as audience, walked away much richer for the experience. ” Ross C., (Artistic Director) Fountain Hills Community Youth Theatre, AZ

“ I want to thank you for having faith that I could be Tom in this play. I have always wanted to be an actor. This has been one of the greatest highlights of my life that I will always remember. Thank you. ” Jeff P., Wellington High School, KS

“ The Jellybean Conspiracy was so remarkable to me and to everyone who saw it. The monologues were just the most touching things I’ve ever seen. I played a girl who had a brother with a disability but in reality I play that part every day. The Conspiracy opened my eyes to things I had not seen before. ” Jenny T., Wellington High School, KS

“ My experience with Jellybean was so amazing that there really aren’t any words that could describe it, only the reactions are worthy to express the utmost importance of this community conspiracy. ” Dacia D.l, Marshfield High School, MO

“ Jellybean gave me that feeling of inclusion and love that I never thought I would find. I found a place where I belong, a place where I feel needed and important. ” Kelsey H., Lees Summit West High School, KS